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Skin Doctor Before & After

Each ingredient was carefully chosen for it's particular benefits and added to the formula in exacting ratiors. After four and half months of formulating, it was discovered that a synergy between two specific ingredients had taken place, which dramatically altered the blend and rendered this proprietary formula. Clincally tested for over 9 years on extreme wounds, in extreme conditions on individuals with battered immune systems, the results were truly remarkable. We realized we had created a product that would minimize the duration of healing while diminishing the discomfort.

The products your skin deserves.

Hoot's Naturals

Total skin rejuvenation and healing, using the ground-breaking Myrakel formula.
No scent, no nonsense. A true 2-In-1 offering; 100% natural moisturization and a solid hold, all while nourishing that beautiful mane with oils, butters and vitamins.